Doge Daze(of summah)

Such Hot. Wow.

J/k Im not into the doge craze.

A TBT of sorts.

A Timehop user on Facebook helped me realize how old I actually am becoming and how I miss blogging. The Timehop was of their old Livejournal Icon. It made me curious to look at my Livejournal on the exact same date but there wasn’t a entry, so I read all of the entries I could finding that not much has changed except I’m just a little older and a what i like to think a bit wiser now.

Not longing to be a teen again, and turning 27 in early July, declaring with my whole heart I would like to announce that I feel like I know what I wanna do with my life now. Its comedy/improv.

I must set goals and bring this to my life.